Klipsch 8000f vs 280f

By jasonJanuary 25, in Home Theater. I like the detail in the highs and heavier treble. Just wondering how the bottom end bass response compared with the Rf and RPf.

Also how did they compare in clarity? I was looking to get the R's but a lot of people talked me out of them and guided me toward the RP series. Boy was I wrong! It must be because of the much larger horns.

I kept reading about people saying Klipsch were very heavy in treble to the point of being "fatiguing" to listen to for an extended period of time. Having only heard the RPFs I was completely perplexed by this because I didn't think it had heavy treble nor could if figure out what they meant by fatiguing.

After listening to the RFs for a couple minutes I could tell what they meant, even though I liked the heavier treble. The RPF seems to have the best of both worlds. I figure you've already made your purchase, but let me know if you are still shopping and I can provide more info.

Hi jason welcome to the forum. They must have further refined the new RP series Never heard the previous Reference or Reference Premier lines so I can't compare, but as soon as I heard the Rf I could tell what others meant by "fatiguing" in describing some Klipsch speakers.

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Though, I was listening for it and don't think I would have would have used the term had I not heard others use it already. I also like the bright heavy treble and don't think it would be an issue for me personally.

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Home Theater Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted January 25, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 28, Posted March 9, edited. I would say the differences between R and RP more than justify the price difference. Edited March 9, by jason Posted March 13, Posted March 16, Posted March 11, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topicI know the RP and the Reference serie are different, but, for my 2 channel listening, i need to upgrade the front speakers.

Reference series "sound signature" It's not bad I'm a musician. So are what are you trying to verify? Perhaps you should go listen since you do not like the sound of the RF. A lot of folks own them so of course they must like them, or they settled so not sure what you'd expectbut either way, your preferences are all that matters.

Go listen and tell us. Seems both RP's should be fairly close on paper at least. I've heard a lot of positive comments about the RPF, so I want to know if, for example, the RPF's "new" tweeter is really a "evolution". There may be someone in the forum, who may tell me, that a store X in Quebec, has the RP series in store, where I could listen. In short, I am looking for information about these 2 products RF are not bad. Again, if I could make a "live comparison" it would be ideal!

Thanx for the welcome! Thank you Mallette too! You state you don't like the RF on music and are asking if the new tweeter is a major evolution over the RPF. My assumption is that you are thinking of purchasing and really without knowing what you don't like about the RPF, it's hard to say if the tweeter is a major improvement.

The main thing is if either of these two are a major improvement over the RF. The horn and tweeter are definitely improved but depending what you like in music and your hot buttons, it may not be to you. For instance a hot top end to some would be described as "detailed", to me who is more into something not tilted up, I'd call it screechy. From what I have heard from the RP line and I have the Ms, they have a hint of lift on the top end and to me, need a fair amount of damping in the room.

Your room will define much of the character for these speakers. Other than cosmetics, the only technical variance between the two that stands out is the newer ported tweeter, and he wants to know if that is worth the extra money and whether there is anything else superior about the F over the F.

I'm currently in the same boat which is why I'm dredging this thread up. Cosmetics are secondary, so ignoring the fancy new copper rings and slightly different finishes and bases, is the F worth the extra moolah over the outgoing F, which is already dropping significantly in price?

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I have a pair of fs. I replaced some Polk signature s50s with them. I can't comment on the f but I can say that the s look really nice and sound really natural. I think the difference between them is a new Tweeter and a tatrix port. It's not just the Tweeter that's vented. The whole cabinet is.

klipsch 8000f vs 280f

Now compared to the Polk s50 which has 5 inch woofers they actually put out more bass.Klipsch has a reputation for producing some of the best sound devices available on the market. This review shall conduct an in-depth comparison between Klipsch RPf and RPf to determine the better one of the two. When it comes to the speaker market, Klipsch is no lightweight.

The Klipsch RPf and RPf are some of the most popular options available if you want an affordable yet high-quality sound experience.

Let us delve into the features of these two devices and find out which one reigns supreme. They both have almost the same product dimensions, but the RPf is slightly more massive than the RPf. The speakers sport a trendy-looking design with the outer layer made from scratch-resistant material.

They have aluminum feet, which aids in reducing resonance. Both devices have a wooden look with a vinyl finish, and its bodies consist of a textured and grained style. Additionally, the grille is attached to the frame using magnets, meaning it is easily detachable. The speakers also have a copper-colored frame that hides its drivers, giving it a transparent appearance that does not allow users to see the screw holes from the front.

The Klipsch RPf floor standing speakers deliver a precise and dynamic sound, making it an ideal option for home theater and hi-fi surrounding systems. It comes with two 8-inch copper cerametallic woofers, and Titanium LTS vented tweeters with a one-inch Hybrid Tractrix horn for exceptional sound performance. The horn is square-shaped and is directly above the tweeter to reduce artificial and unwanted reverb and prevent the bouncing off of unwanted and unnecessary sounds from surfaces.

As a result, the speakers deliver a clear and premium quality sound without any sound distortion. It is amazingly loud with a sensitivity of 98dB and produces clear, smooth, and detailed sound, even at the lowest volume.

Furthermore, you can upgrade the speakers from a simple 2. Klipsch RPf has an incredibly deep and powerful bass response, even without using a subwoofer. Its highs were sparkling and very smooth, and the new Tractrix Horn eliminated almost all the resonance to deliver a more neutral frequency response.

It was as if I was at the center of the soundstage as Robinson recorded it. The bass response was very authoritative, deep, and outstanding. However, I noted there was little definition when it came to upper bass to lower mid area.

Both the Klipsch RPf and RPf come with Tractrix ports for effective and fast air circulation from the cabinet to reduce port noise and deliver more punchy low frequencies. Bi-amping aids in customization using outboard crossovers when utilizing separate amplifiers, while bi-wiring separates low and high-frequency current into speaker cables, reducing midrange distortion. This floor-standing speaker happens to be the largest speaker in the Klipsch Reference Premiere series.

It features a unique and ergonomic design that enables it to deliver excellent sound quality. Although the design is similar to other Reference Premiere speakers, you can notice some subtle changes on the RPf. For instance, the speakers are at a distance above ground level, and its bottom speakers have a 2-degree tilt that aids in maximizing the ideal angle adjustment. The speaker comes with the traditional Klipsch cerametallic woofer and aluminum tweeters, which both have copper accents to blend well with the polymer veneer finishing.

Its Tractrix Horn has a rubber coating around it that prevents resonance from delivering a flattering frequency response. Additionally, the RPf is a huge powerhouse tower speaker that provides its listeners with an unparalleled audio experience.By tubetwisterNovember 15, in Home Theater.

Need some good advice I know the 's are very good speakers. Short answer is yes. Especially if you already have the upgrade bug. Once you get the s then you will think what about the RF-7 IIIs, just get them and be done with upgrading. I went from the synergy F3 the older model of yours to the RF IIs and at first it was more clarity and an upgrade. Then, I realized I wanted more. Now, I sold the RFs at a slight profit so it was no big deal.

Just get the higher model, you will be glad you did. Call MetropolisLakeOutfitters. There are several key factors in your decision making. How large is your room?

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How loud do you listen to your music? I say go with the s unless you listen to your music very loud or have a huge room. I had RPs for 2 weeks pretty much the same as thethe is the newer model and the s were really impressive. I found a great deal on rosewood Cornwall 3s and purchased them and returned the s. I never read a single poor review of the RPs anywhere. When you get to a certain level of high fidelity, there are diminishing returns on sonic improvement for the cash outlay.

I could have been quite happy with the s, but the rosewood veneer CWs are something really special, both visually and to the ears. You listen to some of the old hands here and they will tell you short of Jubilees or the Klipsch commercial speakers, you are settling short.

I don't feel that way at all. Not every member here needs Jubes or commercial product to be content with their home music reproduction.By tubetwisterNovember 10, in Home Theater. I think they sound absolutely fantastic!

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Would the expense be justified? They shake the whole house! I had a pair of RF. Bought them brand new and they were a upgrade from what I had before Bose system.

The sound was night and day different. If you have the room and a little more money I would go with the Reference Premier. Might wait for a Black Friday sale. I went from base Reference to RF-7iii's so ya big difference there.

A few months after that I put my old Reference towers RF's for sale. We hooked them up and I was amazed a how good the Reference line can sound, I had forgotten over the near 1yr since I last had them. I would suggest you just stay with them was a sweet deal ya got and just enjoy until you really start feeling the need to upgrade. I agree, these really are good speakers overall. Found several reviews that were stellar in their praise for these. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Klipsch RP-280F - Sound Demo with Tascam DR-100mk3

Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Home Theater Search In. RF vs. Recommended Posts. Posted November 10, Without floor-standing speakers, you cannot complete your home theater sound system setup. And you can find various model floor-standing speakers that are manufacture by different companies. But Klipsch manufactures their speakers with some unique technology like tractrix horn and they are investing a lot of hard work and money to make music more enjoyable.

Like both speaker has the same amp power watts, the tweeter has tractrix horn technology, 8-inches of woofer, k Hz of frequency response, even the sensitivity and impedance also same 98 dB and 8 Ohm. And if you look at the difference between rpf vs rpf then you can find the speaker dimensions are not the same, as well as the weight.

And their price also not the same but you can consider them under budget. Its construction is so smooth and pleasant. The speakers are placed at a distance from the bottom.

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And it also contains an 8-inch woofer. The woofer is quite significant. They traditionally follow this. Coming to the tweeter, they are made of Titanium. Which has a copper accent? And here an exciting thing in its design is the black grille. It always attached in front of the speaker magnetically. But it is removal. Behind the grille, the speakers and horns are hidden. And an open port makes the easy going of the air. Overall it is a beautiful speaker with ebony and cherry colors.

The texture is smooth with the bass reflex enclosure. This kind of simple but outstanding design has also an effect on the bass and sound. You will hear an excellent sound.

The main attraction of this speaker is the horn. The tractrix horn-shaped in a geometry form.

klipsch 8000f vs 280f

The softer silicone material cone is attached to the mouth of the funnel. And as usual, the woofer is made of cerametallic material with a copper color layer. The woofer is 8-inch that is big enough. The aluminum color of the woofer and ebony and walnut color makes it look so modern.

There are slices in the design that make it looks so funky.By superkyleAugust 27, in Home Theater. Hey guy new to the forum but long time member on others. I would like this to be a one and done ultimate audio but at a resonable price. I realize based on the title most everyone will likely say RF73 but unless I find for a super sweet deal it may be a little out of my price range even used. I also plan to buy the matching center speaker for a high end lrc system to build upon.

Would love some advice from all the users here. Welcome superkyle! You are in the right place. We all love Klipsch and there are lots of guys willing to help out and share their experience. Check out these three video for my take on them.

Klipsch RP-280f vs. RP-8000f- Which is the better floor-standing speaker?

I didn't hear any difference in midrange or bass. Youthman you seem to be king of Klipsch reviews. I have watched just about every video you have put out on the speakers. If you had to start over and budget was a factor would you go for the III over the II at current pricing? I hear the change is sound from the I to II for sure. Since I do not have the option to demo I am trusting fellow owners and forum members!

Klipsch RP-280F vs RP-8000F: Review and Full Comparison

Thank you for the kind words. Not sure about being King of Klipsch Reviews, I'm probably just the guy on Youtube that has owned the most Klipsch speakers. Budget is almost always a factor I know it is with me. As I stated in my review, "Is it worth it" is always relative to the individual. But that's typically the case with just about every upgrade.

I honestly believe you can't go wrong with either. How much is better worth Where are you located? If you say Illinois That would solve all my problems haha I would buy that in a heartbeat. Ended up reaching out to the guy shortly after posting this and they are spoken for. I wanted to thank everyone for all of your help.

This is all just my opinion based on the 3 different pair in the same room with the same electronics. For those with direct experience, how do the RPF sound vs. Are the RPF and F toned down at all in the upper mids and highs vs. The F or F with the C center are in consideration, but are a bit down on the list because of my experience with the RPF.

klipsch 8000f vs 280f

I have the original RF-7s and couldn't be happier. I am waiting for the RF-7 IVs to come out because they surely won't be as "bright" as the earlier models. That's okay I was being facetious.